Highest Payout Casino Games

Are you looking for the best payout casino games? We got you covered! Having thoroughly researched the topic, we have created top lists of casino games that pay out the best in terms of RTP and maximum win. This includes the highest payouts for slots, blackjack, roulette, craps and more. 

Check out the table below to see which the best paying casino games are and read on to learn all about the most lucrative games in each category! 

Game TypeHighest Payout %Max Payout
Money Wheels96.83%40,000x
Video Poker99.92%800x

Highest Payout Slot Machines

The average payout rate for slots is normally around 96% in terms of RTP and around 5,000x when it comes to maximum winnings. However, some slot machines surpass these payouts by miles. 

Check out our slot machine payout list below to see which must-play slots should be added to your slot machine payout schedule!

SlotPayout %Max PayoutProvider
Mega Joker99.00%JackpotNetEnt
Monopoly Big Event99.00%500xBarcrest
Book of 9999.00%5,000xRelax Gaming
Ooh Aah Dracula99.00%500xBarcrest
Jackpot 600098.90%600xNetEnt
1429 Uncharted Seas98.50%670xThunderkick
Marching Legions98.12%10,000xRelax Gaming
Blood Suckers98.00%1,014xNetEnt
Tombstone RIP97.03%300,000xNolimit City
San Quentin Xways96.95%150,000xNolimit City
Dead or Alive 296.82%111,111xNetEnt
Razor Shark96.70%85,000xPush Gaming
Wild Flower96.59%140,100xBig Time Gaming
Starburst XXXtreme96.45%200,000xNetEnt
Peking Luck95.50%180,000xPragmatic Play
Rome the Golden Age95.05%100,000xNetEnt

What Slots Online Have the Highest Payout %?

As of May 2024, Mega Joker, Monopoly Big Event, Book of 99 and Ooh Aah Dracula are the slot machines with the highest payout percentage of payout that can be found and played at fast paying online casinos. All of these slots have a payout rate of 99% which is incredibly high.  

Which Online Slots Payout the Most Money?

If we disregard progressive jackpots, the highest paying slot machines as of May 2024 would be Starburst XXXTreme, Peking Luck, Saqn Quentin Xways, Wild Flower, Dead or Alive 2, Tombstone RIP, and Rome the Golden Age. All of these slots can pay over 100,000 times the amount you bet. The crème de la crème is Tombstone RIP that offers an insane maximum payout potential of 300,000x.

If we also account for progressive jackpot slots, these are definitely the highest-paying slot machines. They can pay over $20 million with just a $20 cent stake. The current record holder is Mega Moolah. On average, this game pays out a jackpot of $10 million with the slot machine’s payout schedule being around 8 weeks.

What Online Slot Pays Out the Best?

Book of 99 by Relax Gaming. The payout rate for this slot is 99% while its maximum win is 5,000x. The balance between the high RTP and the high maximum win is what has earned this game the title of the best-paying slot. Of course, there are slot machines that have the potential to pay out a lot more money, but these would have a substantially lower payout percentage.

Can Casinos Change Slots' Payouts?

Yes. When manufactured, some slot providers create multiple settings for their slots with different payout percentages. The casino is then able to choose the setting itself. This is why you can find the same slot at two different online casinos having different payout rates. You should always check the RTP of a game and only play slot machines with the highest percentage of payout in their settings. 

Do Casinos Control Slot Payouts?

Casinos do control slot payouts to some extent as with certain slot games they have different payout percentage settings they can choose from. This does not apply to all slots, but only to those slot machines which the manufacturer of the slots has enabled the feature for. 

Casinos do, on the other hand, not control the payout rate of a slot for individual players. Whatever setting they choose on a slot machine will be the setting that all players of the casino will play with. 

Highest Payout Blackjack Games

Blackjack has a reputation for being one of the highest payout games at casinos with an average payout rate of about 99.60%. However, as can be seen in our top list below, the highest payout in blackjack can go all the way up to 99.91% which is insane. Just remember that to reach the highest payout rate in blackjack you must play the game perfectly using basic strategy. 

Check our top list below for the highest paying Blackjack games!

Blackjack GamePayout %Max PayoutProvider
Classic Blackjack Gold99.91%2.5xMicrogaming
Atlantic City Blackjack99.65%2.5xSwitch Studios
Buster Blackjack99.63%2,000xFelt Gaming
Lucky Lady Blackjack99.63%200xFelt Gaming
American Blackjack99.60%2.5xPragmatic Play
European Blackjack99.60%2.5xSwitch Studios
Quantum Blackjack99.57%56xPlaytech
Lightning Blackjack99.56%26xEvolution Gaming
21 Burn Blackjack99.50%8xBetsoft
Blackjack Double Exposure99.05%2xPlay'n GO

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Highest Payout Roulette Games

Most roulette games are similar in payout rates as even though the roulette games’ odds and payouts may be different, the outer grid bets (outside bets) tend to be identical, offering an RTP of 97.30%.

However, the best roulette payout percentage is actually as high as 98.65%. It comes from French Roulette which allows you to play even money bets with a special rule that is extra lucrative for the player.

Find below a top list of roulette table payouts with RTP and maximum win highlighted. 

Roulette GamePayout %Max PayoutProvider
French Roulette98.65%36xEvolution Gaming
Power Up Roulette97.30%15,500xPragmatic Play
Mega Fire Blaze Roulette97.30%10,000xPlaytech
XXXTreme Lightning Roulette97.30%2,000xEvolution Gaming
Golden Bar Roulette97.30%1,780xEvolution Gaming
Double Ball Roulette97.30%1,300xEvolution Gaming
Lightning Roulette97.30%500xEvolution Gaming
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Roulette97.29%2,000xPlaytech
100 to 1 Roulette96.19%101xInspired Gaming
Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette95.73%JackpotPlaytech

Highest Payout Craps Games

The payout chart in craps is identical in all craps games which is why you’ll find the maximum payout to be the same; 31 times the amount you bet. The rules, on the other hand, vary slightly which is why you’ll find a higher payout rate in Evolution Gaming’s craps than in other versions.

Find our table with craps payouts below with payout rate and maximum win compared.

Craps GamePayout %Max PayoutProvider
Craps Live99.17%31xEvolution Gaming

Unfortunately, there are very few craps games that exist online. This is why we have such few examples of payouts in craps compared to other casino games.

Highest Payout Baccarat Games

Like roulette, payout rates in baccarat games tend to be similar. The maximum win, on the other hand, can vary widely as several modern variations of the game exist. Potentially, 500,000 times the amount you bet can be won. Aside from progressive jackpot slots, this makes baccarat the best payout casino game in terms of winnings.

Check our top list below for the highest paying baccarat games!

Baccarat GamePayout %Max PayoutProvider
First Person Baccarat98.94%200xEvolution Gaming
Fashion TV Jackpot Baccarat98.94%JackpotPlaytech
Bac Bo98.87%89xEvolution Gaming
Golden Wealth Baccarat98.85%500,000xEvolution Gaming
Lightning Baccarat98.76%500,000xEvolution Gaming

Highest Payout Money Wheel Games

Money wheels can be a ton of fun, but in terms of payout percentage, they are at the bottom of the bracket among casino games with the highest payout. Winnings, on the other hand, can be quite high with maximums of up to 20,000x and 10,000x being reportedly won on several occasions. 

Check our top list below of the highest paying money wheels!

Money WheelPayout %Max PayoutProvider
Sweet Bonanza Candyland96.83%20,000xPragmatic Play
Adventures Beyond Wonderland96.82%1,500xPlaytech
The Greatest Cards Show96.67%5,000xPlaytech
The Money Drop Live96.62%5,000xPlaytech
Dream Catcher95.65%20,000xEvolution Gaming
Monopoly Live96.23%10,000xEvolution Gaming
Crazy Time96.08%20,000xEvolution Gaming

Highest Payout Video Poker Games

While video pokers are simple games with a mediocre payout potential of max winnings, their payout rate can be absolutely insane. They are actually the casino games with the highest payout in terms of RTP, with All Aces in the top offering an unbeatable 99.92%. Do, however, note that in order to reach the highest payout rate in video pokers you have to play the game perfectly and on maximum coin level.

Check out the table below for a comparison of the highest paying video pokers!

Video PokerPayout %Max PayoutProvider
All Aces99.92%800xMicrogaming
Jacks or Better99.56%800xNetEnt
All American99.38%800xRed Rake Gaming
Aces and Faces99.26%800xMicrogaming
Joker Poker98.59%800xRed Rake Gaming
Deuces Wild96.77%800xMicrogaming
Jackpot Poker95.30%JackpotPlay'n GO

Highest Payout Crash Games

Playing the right crash game can be crucial as the payout rate in crash games can vary quite a bit. It’s also important to know that the moment you decide to cash out in a game will affect your payout rate. In some crash games the highest payout percentage is reached by cashing out at just a 1.11x multiplier. 

Check the list below for a comparison of the highest paying crash games. 

Crash GamePayout %Max PayoutProvider
Space XY98.92%10,000xBGaming
Save the Hamster98,00%1,000xEvoplay
To Mars And Beyond97.00%10,000xGaming Corps
1000x Busta97.00%1,000x4ThePlayer
Ho Ho Holdl97.00%10,000xGaming Corps
Goblin Run96.04%1,000xEvoplay
Crashout Fireworks96.00%2,500x1×2 gaming
Spaceman95.50%5,000xPragmatic Play
Skyliner94.36%10,000xGaming Corps


What Is Payout Percentage?

Payout percentage, also known as payout rate and RTP (return to player) is an indicator of how well a casino game pays and your chances of winning. If a game has an RTP of 99%, this means that you are expected to win $99 for every $100 that you stake in that game. This is on a long-term basis. 

Luck plays a major role in casino games so you can never rely on the payout percentage to be accurate across single gambling sessions. Staking $100 might only return you $20 or you may win a jackpot of $100,000. However, in the long run, a casino game with a higher payout rate will win you more money. 

What Is House Edge?

House edge is the opposite of the payout percentage. If a casino game has a payout rate of 99%, this means that the casino has a house edge of 1%. In other words, of all bets placed in such a game, the casino is expected to make a 1% profit. 

Where Do I Find the Payout Rate in Casino Games?

The payout rate in casino games can be found in the informational display of them. This can either be presented along with the game’s paytable or in the help menu which might be indicated by a question mark.  

Although rare, certain casino games do not have the payout rate stated. We would highly suggest avoiding such games as you do not know how good or poorly they will pay. 

Can I Play High Payout Games to Beat the Casino?

You can not play high payout games on their own to beat the casino as in order to make a guaranteed profit, a game has to have a payout rate of more than 100%. For obvious reasons (casinos don’t want to lose money), such casino games do not exist. 

However, you can use casino bonuses and combine these with the casino games that pay out the highest. By doing so, it is possible to create a scenario where you are expected to earn more money than you lose. In other words, to play with a small edge that will beat the casino.

Which Casino Games Have the Highest Maximum Payout?

Progressive jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods are the best paying casino games in terms of maximum win potential. These regularly pay over $5 million and have paid as much as $20 million. No other types of casino games come close to this payout potential.

What’s more, is that it’s possible to win a jackpot with just a minimum stake of $20 cent. This means that the win could potentially be 100,000,000 times the amount you bet. Pretty crazy seeing as normal casino games pay 500,000x at best and rarely over 100,000x. 

What Casino Game Has the Best Odds for a Payout?

Roulette is the casino game with the best odds for a payout. Betting on red or black leaves you with a win chance of 48.6%. This can be further improved to a win chance of 94.6% if you bet on 35 out of the 37 numbers on the roulette table. You would make a 3% profit each round that is won. 

Video poker is also a casino game with great odds for a payout. Not only is the chance of winning a game round a high 45%, but the RTP can go up to 99.92%. This is the highest payout rate among all casino games.

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