Best Flexepin Casinos for Kiwi Gamblers Looking for Secure Deposits and Fast Payouts

Kiwis! If you are looking for the best Flexepin casinos in NZ, your search ends here. On this page, we bring you a list of the top NZ online casinos that accept Flexepin as a payment method and offer the fastest withdrawal times. Check out our recommendations for casino sites with plenty of pokies and juicy bonuses and get started.

100% bonus up to
or 200% up to $50
Payout Speed
3 – 24 Hours

Launched in 2016, Flexepin is a prepaid card service that originated in Australia. It can be used to make purchases in stores and online and to instantly deposit to casinos. However, it is yet to make it to most gambling sites as only a very small percentage of online casinos in New Zealand support Flexepin.

A probable cause is that most Kiwi gamblers have no interest in prepaid cards and if they do, there are better options. At the moment, Flexepin is not sold in physical stores in New Zealand which would be one of its few selling points for using it.

Pros and Cons of Using Flexepin at Online Casinos

  • New Zealand Dollar is supported
  • Bonus offers can be claimed
  • Deposits are easy and instant
  • User identity is protected
  • Accepted only at a few NZ casinos
  • Can only buy the vouchers online
  • Withdrawals usually not possible

How to Make Casino Deposits and Withdrawals With Flexepin

After signing up for an NZ online casino accepting Flexepin, follow these steps to deposit:

  1. Go to the cashier by pressing the deposit button.
  2. Choose Flexepin as your payment option.
  3. Type in the amount to deposit.
  4. Enter your 16-digit Flexepin number.
  5. Confirm to get the deposit instantly credited.

Cashing out using Flexepin is typically not an option. You would have to choose another withdrawal method, which is primarily a bank transfer in most NZ online casinos.

Is Flexepin a Fast Withdrawal Method for Casino Payouts?

Not at all. You cannot withdraw your casino winnings with Flexepin. The Fexepin casino you choose would, however, let you cash out to a different withdrawal option, which is almost always a bank transfer. That would take you around 1 – 5 days for the funds to hit your bank account. This is far from fast.

Why Does the Withdrawal Time With Flexepin Vary Between Casinos?

The withdrawal time when using Flexepin as a payment method varies from one casino to the next due to the differences in processing time. This has nothing to do with the payment processor. Direct withdrawals to Flexepin are usually unavailable anyway.

Some NZ casinos would let you cash out in minutes, a few hours, or a day. Others would take several days to approve your request. Because the mode of withdrawal is almost always a bank transfer, we’d say you’ll receive your winnings within 1 – 5 days after the casino releases your funds.

How to Speed Up Casino Withdrawals With Flexepin?

At the risk of repeating, withdrawals with Flexepin are next to impossible. Your next best bet is a bank transfer, which would never be instant, immediate or fast. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can do to make sure you meet your money at the earliest. We have discussed them below.

Make Sure Your Casino Account Is Verified

Verifying your identity is of utmost importance for fast withdrawals. All NZ online casinos that are legitimately licensed will want to see a valid ID before making payments, especially when you’d likely be using another withdrawal option.

This is why completing the KYC procedure is important before jumping onto withdrawing winnings. You must convince the casino that you are who you claim to be and the rightful payee.

Become a VIP Player or High Roller

NZ online casinos prioritize high rollers, offering them bigger bonuses and ensuring swift payouts for an enhanced gaming experience. Once you reach a certain monthly deposit amount, you become eligible for faster withdrawals at most New Zealand online casinos compared to casual players and low rollers.

Play at Fast-Paying Casinos

Process withdrawal requests at the earliest – that’s what a fast-payout Flexepin casino does. When you know you’d need to wait for a good 1 – 5 days to meet your money with a bank transfer, you might as well go for a casino that processes payments quickly. At least you’d know sooner that your money is on the way.

What Can Cause Payout Delays With Flexepin?

Explaining payout delays at a Flexpein online casino that pays out fast is a little tricky. The closed-loop policy followed by casinos doesn’t really hold in this case as you must use a different payment method anyway for withdrawals. So, if a delay happens, it all boils down to these possible reasons:

Downtime or Server Errors

If the casino experiences downtime due to technical issues or server errors, a delay in approving cashout requests can be expected. However, such glitches are almost always minor and temporary. Only if there’s a major outage a prolonged delay would occur. Even then, legit casinos would always make it a priority to intimate you and resolve the issue promptly.

Security Checks

In order to be compliant with the laws and regulations, every casino conducts security checks occasionally and especially if they notice unusual activity in your account. In the process, there might be a small delay in processing your withdrawal request.

Manpower Challenges

With employee downtime and staff shortage, minor delays in processing withdrawal requests can be expected even at the fastest payout casinos in NZ. There’s nothing much to worry about as these situations are infrequent and temporary. No casino wants to be in the bad books of players because they couldn’t process withdrawals on time due to manpower challenges.

Surpassing Withdrawal Limit

It may so happen that the Flexepin casino you choose has withdrawal limits set on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Going beyond these boundaries might result in delays when you want to withdraw your winnings. To ensure a hassle-free cash-out experience, take the time to familiarize yourself with these limits beforehand.

What Is the Minimum Casino Deposit You Can Make With Flexepin?

Theoretically, the minimum deposit you can make with Flexepin is $1. However, every gambling site sets its own limits and when you come across Flexepin as a deposit method in NZ casinos, the limit is usually $10 or $15. While there are casino sites with a minimum deposit limit of $1, none of the ones we’ve found have supported Flexepin.

Can You Claim Casino Bonuses With Flexepin Deposits?

Yes. Even though there are only a few NZ casinos with Flexepin as a deposit method, all of the ones we have encountered have allowed bonuses to be claimed with Flexepin. This includes all kinds of casino bonuses, such as welcome offers, free spins and cashbacks.

What Are the Fees With Flexepin?

There is normally no fee for using Flexepin at casinos. The payment processor itself will never charge you any fee for deposits. If at all withdrawals are possible at a casino, we don’t think there’d be a fee applicable to cash out either. However, not all gambling sites are the same. It is possible that some NZ online casinos impose a fee when depositing with Flexepin, but we are yet to come across this.

Is Flexepin Safe to Use at Casino Sites?

Yes, Flexepin is safe as it prioritizes security and identity protection and offers a secure and reliable option for conducting transactions online. This digital currency alternative enables automatic online payments with the help of a prepaid pin, which makes it highly secure. 

With Flexepin, you can enjoy the freedom of keeping your sensitive data private. The only and biggest risk you take is purchasing your Flexepin voucher as you have to make sure the merchant you buy from is legit.

This is easily done though as approved merchants are listed on Flexepin’s website. Also, there is only so much money on the voucher and normally, you would spend it all when depositing.

Is Flexepin Mobile-Friendly?

Flexepin is not a particularly mobile-friendly payment method, but it is also not complicated to use on smartphones or tablets in any way. There are no mobile apps available, but you can easily purchase a Flexepin voucher with your phone and then use this to make a deposit on the go at any NZ casino that accepts Flexepin.

What Are the Best Flexepin Alternatives for Kiwi Gamblers?

There are many alternatives that Kiwi gamblers can use to deposit to casinos that are better than Flexepin. The most similar ones would be:

These payment processors also offer a prepaid card service, but with them, you would find a much wider selection of NZ casinos to choose from. Other alternatives include Visa, Mastercard, Skrill and Neteller which are the most popular payment methods to use at online casinos.


Does Flexepin Decline Gambling-Related Transactions?

Flexepin is not known to decline gambling-related transactions specifically. However, your transaction might get declined, which has nothing to do with the nature of the transaction. The possible reasons could be a wrongly entered Flexepin number or a technical glitch in the payment system.

Can I Withdraw Casino Winnings With Flexepin?

It is possible to withdraw money via Flexepin if the NZ casino enables cashouts with it. This, however, is rarely or even ever the case. Should it be enabled, your winnings would be credited to you as a new Flexepin voucher. Normally, when you use Flexepin as your payment processor for deposits, the casinos would ask you to cash out your winnings via bank transfer.

Is Flexepin Common in NZ Casinos That Pay Out Fast?

Not at all. Among all payment processors, Flexepin is one of the rarest to find at NZ casinos, let alone NZ casinos that pay out fast. We would not recommend using Flexepin for casino deposits and especially not if you’re looking for quick withdrawals. Not only are there a few fast-paying casinos to choose from but when using Flexepin to deposit, cashing out must be done via bank and bank transfers have a transaction time of 1-5 days.

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