Fastest Payout POLi Pay Casinos in NZ

Find the fastest payout POLi Pay casinos in NZ in August 2023. These casinos are listed with their payout speed, transaction time for withdrawals, minimum deposit limits and deposit fee.

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POLi Pay NZ Casinos for Secure Deposits and Fast Payouts

The best POLi Pay NZ casinos with the fastest payout times let you cash out instantly or within 24 hours, tops. These sites are legit, secure, mobile-friendly and come with a range of games. By accepting POLi as a payment method, they enable seamless transactions for Kiwis gambling online.

This guide article aims to simplify your search for the fastest payout casinos in NZ with POLi as a payment method. Along with the top recommendations with all the necessary information we’ve also covered the process as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using POLi at NZ online casinos.

Additionally, we’ve discussed safety considerations, mobile compatibility, transaction fees, the payment method’s suitability for gambling activities, and its top alternatives. Dive in!

About POLi Pay

POLi Pay, an innovative online payment system, has been a flagship product of POLi Payments Pty Ltd (erstwhile Centricom), an Australian online payment enterprise of repute. Launched in 2006, it was acquired in December 2014 by SecurePay Holdings, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Government of Australia’s postal service provider, Australia Post.

Although the Australian business of POLi is closing with effect from September 30, 2023, this payment system continues to be widely popular across New Zealand. A company called Merco Limited has acquired local ownership of POLi, through which it will continue to run operations in the country.

Overall, POLi Pay has revolutionized online transactions for punters by letting them pay at casino sites directly and instantly via Internet banking without needing a credit card.

Registration with the payment system is not a requisite, so no bank-related information is stored or made accessible for third-party usage. Also, the payment system is suitable for sending large amounts, which is why it’s a hit with high rollers. The best part is that it’s free!

However, because of how it functions, POLi Pay has received widespread criticism, especially from concerned banks, who are of the opinion that it can be used to make fraudulent transactions for illegal gambling. The concern stems from the fact that the payment method itself gets access to your banking credentials.

In response, POLi says it understands the importance of the security of its software and ensures that it never captures sensitive information such as user names or passwords. Indeed, its many advantages and compliance with modern security standards have made POLi Pay one of the most trusted and go-to payment methods among punters in New Zealand.

Before we discuss it any further, let’s talk about its pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Using POLi Pay at Online Casinos

  • Easy to use
  • No registration required
  • Instant deposits
  • No credit card required
  • Gambling-friendly
  • Great for high rollers
  • Fee-free
  • Rare availability at NZ fast-paying casinos
  • Not available for withdrawals
  • Not approved by many NZ banks
  • No 2-factor Authentication
  • Questionable security
  • No dispute resolution for money not credited to merchant
  • Shutting shop in Australia akin to a red flag

How to Make Casino Deposits and Withdrawals With POLi Pay

To make a deposit using POLi Pay at an NZ online casino, follow these 13 steps:

  1. Register with a POLi online casino of your choice (check our list).
  2. Go to the Banking or Cashier page.
  3. Select ‘Deposit’ from the available options.
  4. Choose POLi as your deposit method.
  5. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  6. Confirm to initiate the transaction.
  7. Get redirected to the POLi Payments website.
  8. Choose your preferred bank.
  9. Log into your bank account using your Internet Banking credentials.
  10. Pay the amount via online banking.
  11. Get redirected to the casino’s website.
  12. Get a confirmation from the casino about successful payment.
  13. Watch the funds hit your casino account.

Withdrawing your funds using POLi Pay isn’t an option at New Zealand casinos right now. The suggested alternative would almost always be a bank transfer.

Is POLi Pay a Fast Withdrawal Method for Casino Payouts?

POLi Pay is not even a withdrawal method, let alone a fast one for casino payouts. Even if it is available at the fastest payout casinos in NZ, you will be able to use it only as a deposit method. Most online casinos with POLi in New Zealand would ask you to cash out via a bank transfer, which would take you 1 to 5 business days to meet your funds after the casino releases them.

Why Does the Withdrawal Time With POLi Pay Vary Between Casinos?

The withdrawal time at POLi casinos varies from one casino to the next because it isn’t dependent on the transaction time of the payment system alone. Different casinos have different processing times for withdrawals, which causes the final withdrawal time to widely vary.

Firstly, POLi Pay wouldn’t be available for withdrawal, which means cashing out is likely to happen via a bank transfer with a standard timeline of 1 to 5 business days. Now, let’s say casino X decides to process your winnings instantly, casino Y does it after a 10-hour interval, and casino Z takes a whole week to cash you out.

In such cases, even when employing the same bank with the same 1 to 5 business-day timeline, the time required for the funds to reflect in your bank account would be different across these casinos because…

  1. The casino payment processing times are different.
  2. The transaction time is likely to be random (between 1 and 5 business days).

How to Speed Up Casino Withdrawals With POLi Pay?

With POLi Pay being unavailable for cashing out and bank transfer being the usual way out, your attempt to speed up casino withdrawals would mean trying to change the casino’s processing time, your bank’s transaction time, or both. None of them is possible per se. Nevertheless, it is possible to reach your winnings without delay if you do the following:

Get Your Casino Account Verified

By completing the verification process, you ensure the authenticity of your casino account, which, in turn, gives the casino the confidence to pay you out.

Do note that all reputable POLi casino sites within New Zealand uphold the necessity of player verification eventually, if not immediately. This involves the submission of proof of identity and address. The lack of verification could lead to a temporary suspension of payout processing.

Become a VIP Player or High Roller

Online casinos really take care of their top players, who spend a lot. These loyal players not only get better bonuses but also get access to their winnings faster. In fact, VIP players often get their money right away.

So, when you’re playing at a POLi Pay NZ casino and you want to cash out fast, be a plunger and keep playing regularly. This payment system is great for high roller casino transactions anyway.

Play at an NZ Casino That Pays Out Fast

You can make your winnings come faster by choosing a New Zealand POLi casino that focuses on quickly handling withdrawal requests. This is a really effective method to get your money at the earliest possible time.

What Can Cause Payout Delays With POLi Pay?

POLi Pay isn’t a payout option at fast payout casinos in NZ, so there’s no way it can cause a delay when you cash out. However, with the route to cashing out being a bank transfer, any discrepancy with your bank can lead to payments getting stuck. Likewise, withdrawals can take a backseat if issues with the online casino in question crop up.

We have discussed a few such issues below:

Casinos Closing The Loop

A vital protocol known as ‘closing the loop’ governs the withdrawal process in every licensed and regulated online casino. Those in New Zealand are no exceptions, even if they offer the fastest withdrawal times.

This principle requires all withdrawals to be sent exclusively through the same banking method employed for deposits. Nonetheless, in the present scenario, the possible withdrawal route would involve a bank transfer, as POLi Pay is unavailable for cashing out money.

Therefore, the casino would make an attempt to determine if the person holding the POLi account is the same as the one trying to withdraw using a bank transfer. This would be done by verifying your banking details, if it hasn’t been done previously. The casino will let you cash out only after it has scrutinised everything thoroughly.

Casinos and Banks Facing Technical Glitches

Server errors and system outages stand as potential technical hiccups that have the capacity to unexpectedly impact the operations of not only online casinos but also banks. While uncommon, these occurrences exist and can happen at any time.

During such downtime, there is a possibility of temporary disruptions affecting payout processes. However, know that these glitches are usually swiftly addressed and rectified. After all, those involved have vested interests in the smooth operation of their respective enterprises.

Casinos Running Security Checks

Legitimate POLi casinos in New Zealand need to follow the rules set by their licensee, which means they sometimes have to check your account for security. This is especially important if they notice any strange activity.

When they do these security checks, your withdrawals might be delayed for a short while. Once you pass the check, your request will be processed quickly, especially if you’re using a POLi Pay casino with fast withdrawals.

Casinos Facing A Manpower Shortage

If a casino gets a bunch of people asking for their winnings to be given to them all at the same time, and if the casino is having trouble because some of its workers are not able to work, it might take more time to handle all these requests.

This can happen even at casinos that are usually really quick with giving out money. But the good news is that this kind of problem doesn’t last forever. When the casino’s workers are back and working as usual, they can process the requests to give out money quickly again.

You Exceeding Withdrawal Limits

The POLi casino you use might have rules about how much money you can take out in a day, a week, or a month. If you cash out more than these limits, you might have to wait longer to receive your money because the casino simply won’t entertain your request right away.

What Is the Minimum Casino Deposit You Can Make With POLi Pay?

Each POLi casino in New Zealand has its own minimum deposit limit. Nonetheless, you can start making secure online casino deposits with POLi Pay for NZ$10, although this minimum limit can go up to NZ$15 or even NZ$20. On rare occasions, you might come across POLi Pay casinos with a minimum deposit limit in the range of NZ$1 and NZ$5.

Can You Claim Casino Bonuses With POLi Pay Deposits?

Absolutely! When you use the POLi payment system to deposit money, you can also claim casino bonuses. These bonuses can be things like welcome rewards, free spins, getting back some of your lost money via cashback offers, or other special deals they might have.

Most online casinos in New Zealand that accept POLi Pay will let you enjoy these offers without any problems. Generally, e-wallets and prepaid cards are excluded from bonuses at times and POLi is none.

What Are the Fees With POLi?

Transactions with POLi Pay are typically fee-free. In most cases, neither the payment system nor the casino charge anything for deposits. Because POLi Payments is exclusively available in New Zealand and supports NZD, a currency exchange fee isn’t likely either.

However, supporting POLi Pay banks might charge a fee for electronic funds transfers. Additionally, there is a remote possibility that a casino might charge a fee for deposits made through POLi Pay.

Is POLi Pay Safe to Use at Casino Sites?

Using POLi Pay at casino sites in New Zealand requires careful consideration of the potential risks and benefits. It’s essential to thoroughly research both POLi’s security measures and the specific security practices of the casino site you intend to use.

What works

  • No Credit Card Required: POLi can be called a direct debit system. Using it eliminates the need for a credit card, which can be a benefit if you prefer not to share credit card information online.
  • Instant Receipt: Casinos receive an instant receipt when a payment is made through POLi Pay, which can streamline the payment process.
  • Ease of Use: POLi Pay offers a simple and straightforward payment process, allowing you to make payments directly from your Internet banking accounts.

What doesn’t work

  • Major Security Concerns: There have been security concerns raised about POLi Pay in the past. Some banks and financial institutions have warned customers against using POLi Pay due to potential security and fraud risks.

For instance, ASB Bank, which is one of the biggest banks in New Zealand, has said that POLi is copying and imitating its online banking pages to collect customer information.

Because of these serious security and fraud worries, ASB Bank suggests that their customers avoid using POLi Pay. They’ve even asked POLi to stop providing service to ASB Bank customers. However, POLi has disputed these claims and also changed the version of their payment system.

Other banks like ANZ New Zealand, Bank of New Zealand, Kiwibank, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Bank of Queensland, Bank Australia, and Police Bank are also cautioning their customers against using POLi Pay.

  • Liability for Fraudulent Transactions: There’s a concern about liability for fraudulent transactions. ANZ and Kiwibank claim that using POLi could cancel out the bank’s online guarantee. This means that if a customer’s online banking account gets compromised after using POLi, they might be responsible for any losses.
  • Lack of Chargeback Protection: Payments made through POLi Pay are not typically reversible like credit card transactions. This means players may face difficulties in seeking refunds or reimbursements for accidental payments.
  • Software and Compatibility: Earlier versions of POLi that used technologies like ActiveX and .NET had security concerns and compatibility issues, especially with non-Windows platforms.
  • Mixed Reviews: Reviews and opinions about the safety of using POLi Pay vary. While some users have had positive experiences with POLi Pay, others have expressed concerns about its security and reliability.

For the uninitiated, these are the New Zealand banks with which you can use POLi:

  • ANZ
  • ASB
  • BNZ
  • The Cooperative Bank
  • TSB
  • Westpac
  • Kiwibank

However, keep in mind that it does not necessarily have relationships with these banks. If you have concerns about the safety of using POLi Pay, you might consider using alternative payment methods that are widely recognized and accepted in the online casino industry. Always prioritize your online security and privacy when making financial transactions on the internet.

Is POLi Pay Mobile-Friendly?

Yes, POLi Pay is very much a mobile-friendly payment method. It acts as a bridge connecting your bank account to a casino account to move money to the latter, although vice versa is not possible.

But, you can pay on the go on a mobile device using your bank credentials, just as you can on a desktop site. And come on, it’s 2023! A payment method that isn’t mobile-friendly wouldn’t be much fun, right?

What Are the Best POLi Alternatives for Kiwi Gamblers?

When it comes to online casino banking options, the best alternatives to POLi include the following:


Does POLi Decline Gambling-Related Transactions?

The POLi payment system is not known to decline gambling-related transactions. However, the associated New Zealand bank may do so. Always check with your POLi-complaint bank regarding its terms and conditions for transactions at online casinos in NZ.

Can I Withdraw Casino Winnings With POLi Pay?

Withdrawing casino winnings with POLi Pay is currently not possible. POLi casinos in New Zealand will support the payment method only for deposits and let you cash out via bank transfer.

Is POLi Common in NZ Casinos That Pay Out Fast?

Although popular in New Zealand, POLi is a rare sight in NZ casinos that pay out fast. Even if it’s available, do not expect a super-speedy payout time because it would be available only for deposits. You would end up cashing out via a bank transfer, which would take around 1 to 5 business days.

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